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In 1982, JOROTO was born in Colorado, US and mainly engaged in sports fitness equipment for commercial and domestic use.

In 1984, the flagship product JOROTO-M1010 won the 4th American Star Products Quality Award

In 1986, JOROTO expanded its product category to 28, covering treadmill, exercise bicycle and other fitness equipment.

In 1991, subsidiary corporation JOROTO-EUR was founded to expand its market in Europe.

In 1992, JOROTO was awarded as “the Best Fitness Equipment in US” by Health U Magazine.

In 1995, JOROTO gained the title of “Global Best Cooperative Partner” by international famous club Golden Young.

In 2001, JOROTO treadmill LUMENIS ONE won the gold medal of American Industrial Design Competition.

In 2004, JOROTO expanded its shops in over 90 countries and regions and run 966 franchise stores all over the world.

2012 witnessed the 30th anniversary of JOROTO and at the same year, JOROTO was reported by all major fitness magazines.

In 2014, JOROTO run over 2,000 chain stores all over the world and officially entered into the China market.

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