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Brand advantages

(1) JOROTO is a professional fitness equipment brand originating from US that can bring you brand new experience of exercises.
(2) JOROTO integrates resources on and off line to create a perfect popularization network so as to form an omnibearing promotion of the brand.

Products advantages

(1) Quality assurance
All the products of JOROTO are produced strictly complying with international production standards which ensures the high quality of products, as a result, JOROTO can obtain the trust from clients of the world.

(2) Flexible combination
JOROTO has rich number of products to meet the needs of different clients by operator schema of single category operation or combined categories operation. In this way, our dealers can get more choices to maximize the efficiency of store terminals roundly, efficiently, quickly to optimize resources and maximize the profit.

(3) Differentiated R&D

In order to avoid homogeneous competition, JOROTO insists in making differentiated marketing from product development to selling point extraction and other aspects. Making sure that we are always a step ahead of others, we can win by a highly competitive price.

Management advantages

(1) Standardized operation and management system
JOROTO has accumulated substantial experience on terminal marketing since its establishment 32 years ago. JOROTO has established standardized and efficient management and operation mode by systematic control in brand image, franchise system which provides strong driving power and a replicable successful model for the brand.

(2) Perfect after-sale service system
The excellent after-sale service system of JOROTO has virtually improved the brand image. Brand awareness and reputation has gained praise from the market.

(3) Training of comprehensive system

JOROTO makes it an all-round systematic training to the mentality, skills, ability of the staff and helps them explore their potential and passion.

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