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(1) Market researches
JOROTO has professional staff to provide one-to-one market researches services for franchisees and provide relevant data, information and research reports about all walks of life relating to their franchising fields, including industry analysis report, new project market analysis report, potential franchisee market research report, competitive environment analysis report, government policies and regulations environment research report and so on.

(2) Strategic planning

JOROTO provides comprehensive and professional market researches and analysis for franchisees.

Including: enterprise diagnosis, assessment on franchisee’s situation and operation capability, analysis on franchising feasibility, market research on franchising, channel conflict research, research on potential franchisee groups, research and analysis on external business environment, research and analysis on target markets, research and analysis on internal business environment, enterprise competitiveness analysis, enterprise franchising development strategies and so on.

(3) Execution system

JOROTO will assist franchisees to build a comprehensive operation and management system and form various implementation programs.

Including: operation model, franchising management, finance, marketing, logistics, legislation, VI system, training and monitoring system and other aspects.

(4) Sustained development and improvement of operation system

Satisfaction assessments from terminal consumers, franchisees and cooperative partners are listed in JOROTO quality management system.

It is important to establish a comprehensive quality management system to ensure the development in operation.

(5Essential management tools for franchisees

①Operation Manual
The Operation Manual is one of the most important management files for franchisees, including many items concerning operation, such as single-store functions, customer services, business skills, store operation management, commodity display, orders and stocks, opening and closing procedures, sanitation and cleaning, promotion, energy management, recruitment management, in-store training, emergency handling, etc. 

②Franchisee Brochure
The Franchisee Brochure provides franchisees with comprehensive information including introduction to JOROTO and projects, company profiles, market profiles, founding goals, chain operation efficiency, the interest points of franchisees, etc. The brochure also presents introductions on the headquarters’  plans for organization and labor division, chain marketing strategies, chain delivery systems, join conditions, the rights of franchisees, items with the headquarters’ assistance, the obligations of franchisees, the holding of operation reviews, order procedures, prospects and outlooks, the questionnaires about the information of the franchisees, applications as potential franchisees, etc. 

③VI Manual
The VI Manual which takes into account the uniqueness of franchisees differs from other VI design concepts. The VI manual for franchisees can help operators save management costs substantially with its powerful functions.

④SI Manual
The SI Manual consists of standard image systems, component elements of stores, the plane layouts of chain stores, material choosing and application, the plane construction drawings of chain stores, the directory of suppliers, all kinds of normative sample contracts, etc.

Investment Consultation

Given that there is a considerably large number of potential franchisees nationwide, JOROTO will provide specialized consultation services to find the most suitable investment items for them.

Including: legal support service, comprehensive analysis and assessment for joining as a franchisee, self-assessment, project assessment, etc.

Operation Support
Project Inspection
JOROTO will analyze the application forms and marketing proposals provided by franchisees as well as delegate its marketing staff for inspection. Further, we will generalize successful marketing modes to ensure zero-risk investment after finishing the reports on the investment analysis of exclusive stores and shops.

Store Design

We will work out the most reasonable designs according to the actual situation of applicants’ stores or shoes in order to unify brand images which can meet the company’s requirements on CI.

Acceptance Inspection

The regional manager of the marketing department will conduct field acceptance inspection on the stores once decorated. Those up to all the standards are permitted for opening. 

Construction supervision

After receiving decoration plan distributed by JOROTO, franchisees must decorate strictly according to material and specifications required in drawing. Franchisees must consult with and apply for assistance from brand management department of JOROTO if any problem occurs during decoration, and decoration plan and materials cannot be changed without permission. Regional manager of marketing department conducts field supervision when providing professional supervison service to big shops at the levels of provincial capital or city (prefecture-level), and errors found must be notified in a timely manner and corrected to avoid unnecessary losses. 

Subsidy and property support

JOROTO provides relevant subsidy and supporting properties for exhibition to storefronts of different systems. Franchisees need to provide pictures, business licenses, organization code certificates and tax registration certificates to marketing department for filing when decoration is accomplished. Any storefront which fails to provide all data in a timely manner will result in failure to get the subsidy from JOROTO.

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